3D Illustrations: The Definitive Guide to Free Resources

Sep 28, 2023

In the digital era, standing out from the crowd is vital for every brand. And what better way to do so than by embracing the latest trend of 3D illustrations? This form of digital art not only adds a unique touch to your website or social media handles but also captivates the audience, keeping them hooked for longer. While platforms like Dribbble house a plethora of 3D designs, they often come with a hefty price tag. However, several websites offer free 3D illustrations that are just as stunning and high-quality. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore such resources, helping you enhance your online presence without burning a hole in your pocket.

The Rise of Freepik

One of the most renowned resources for vector graphics, Freepik, has made a significant impact on both designers and non-designers. This platform offers an array of free assets, including illustrations, vector art, icons, PSD, and photos for your digital needs.

Freepik also provides high-quality 3D graphics which can be easily downloaded and used for various purposes, such as enhancing your landing page design.

AmritPal Design: A Hub of Creative 3D Designs

Amrit Pal Singh, a well-known designer, offers a range of 3D illustrations, design assets, and card games on his website. The platform features various projects including 3D Toy Faces Library, Rooms Project, Lettering, and Abstract.

AmritPal's 3D designs

Though the Toy Faces come with a $20 price tag, the 3D Room designs can be downloaded for free. Inspired by Arts, Literature, and Cinema, these iconic room illustrations make perfect zoom and desktop backgrounds.

Handz-Design: Digitally Crafted Hand Illustrations

Offering a unique take on 3D illustrations is Handz-Design, a library of custom 3D hand illustrations. The free package includes 320+ PNG files featuring 12 hand gestures in 9 color skins and 3 variations of sleeves.


Handz-Design also offers a premium version with 1200 PNG files, which can be purchased for $19.

SALY: A Collection of Personalized Illustrations

SALY is another favorite among the free 3D illustration collections. It comprises 30 meticulously crafted illustrations that are brimming with personality. These can be easily duplicated in Figma for all personal projects.

SALY 3D Illustrations

Nicolas Solerieu's Simple 3D Shapes

Nicolas Solerieu, a designer at Opendoor, provides access to simple 3D shapes like cubes, tubes, spheres, donuts, ribbons, and other abstract shapes.

Nicolas Solerieu's 3D shapes

These can be downloaded from his Dribbble profile and colored using the 'color' blend mode in Photoshop.

Hands by Icon8: The Perfect Blend of Fun and Class

Icon8 has a collection of 3D puffy hands that are available in three styles: fun-and-wild, classy, and Christmasy. Available in PNG and 3D formats, they come with recoloring masks for Photoshop.

Icon8's 3D hands

These hands can be used anywhere from onboarding flows and app walkthroughs to hero graphics, presentations, websites, and more.

Icon8's Human 3D Illustrations

In addition to hand designs, Icon8 also offers human 3D illustrations in two types: Business Style and Casual Life.

Icon8's human 3D illustrations

These can be downloaded for free and utilized in all online projects. To inspire your designs, Icon8 has also featured a use case for each of these illustrations.

ShapeFest: A Library of Free 3D Shapes

ShapeFest by Joseph Angelo Todaro is a vast library of free 3D shapes. It includes hand designs, basic shapes, letters, and numbers in various textures like clay, plastic, glass, metal, textile, and ceramic.

ShapeFest's 3D shapes

These high-resolution PNG images can be downloaded and used in both personal and commercial projects.

Slam by Storytale: Premium Quality Illustrations

Storytale offers premium quality illustrations on a subscription basis. In their freebies section, you'll find Slam, a collection of 3D objects like mobile phones, laptops, headphones, and more.

Slam's 3D illustrations

These 16 free 3D illustrations can be used to design your mobile app or landing pages.

Icon Shock: Over 2 Million Professional Icons

Icon Shock houses a collection of more than 2 million professional icons featuring a range of isometric designs and trendy 3D icon designs.

Icon Shock's 3D icons

While most isometric designs can be downloaded and used for free, the 3D icons come with a personal license only.

Pandemic Icons: A 3D Take on COVID-19

If you are working on a project related to COVID-19, the pandemic icons available on Behance will be a great fit.

Pandemic Icons

This pack includes 30 3D illustrations that can be downloaded for free.

Humans: A Set of Unique 3D Characters

Humans provides a set of 80 3D characters that can be used in Figma and Blender.

Humans 3D characters

Although you only get one character for free, it can be downloaded in 4 unique outfits, making it ideal for small landing pages.


With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect 3D illustration for your project has never been easier. All these websites offer unique and high-quality illustrations that can truly make your design stand out.

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