An Affordable Tool Packed with Valuable Features

Dec 6, 2023 is a highly efficient and robust application that has been specifically designed to assist with the management of daily tasks. It boasts a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, coupled with a wide array of features that enhance its functionality. While it does have some limitations in terms of organization, these are minor when compared to its overall utility. This combination of user-friendly design and practical utility firmly establishes it as a top contender in the highly competitive field of project management applications.

Key Insights excels as a list app; if you need a tool for managing checklists, it's a fantastic choice. Its bright, simple interface is perfect for people who appreciate clarity and simplicity in layout. However, if you require more than just checklists, you might want to consider other options.

The app offers two products - Personal and for Teams. This review focuses on the personal version, which serves as a reliable tool for managing daily tasks, suitable for individuals and freelancers aiming for organized work.

The personal version offers a straightforward to-do list for users, while the team version provides more extensive tools for project management, including handling significant user numbers and managing long-term projects. If you require more than just a list, you might want to consider the teams version or look at other project management tools.

A Fresh Look at is a list-centric app enabling users to manage daily tasks. In terms of safety, the app seems secure with a solid privacy policy and stringent security measures.

The free plan of offers excellent value, with an upgrade available for less than $36 per year. However, the upgrade's worthiness is debatable, considering it brings only a few features, some of which are offered for free by other apps.

One of its closest competitors appears to be Todoist, though choosing between the two would depend on individual user preferences.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • User-friendly interface

  • Simple to use

  • Affordable upgrade


  • Lack of a built-in calendar

  • Inefficient organizational features

In-Depth Look at's Features

The free version of provides a very basic set of features, essentially functioning as a simple list and not offering much beyond that. However, if you decide to upgrade to the premium plan, you will gain access to a number of intriguing features. These additional features are particularly noteworthy when it comes to task filtering and integration capabilities.

Lists Galore in Free Version

When you open for the first time, you'll find the interface bright and inviting. The list is clearly laid out with a large font and multiple filters that you can select from the left-hand taskbar.

The default filter, "today," shows you what you have planned for the day. Other filters include a list showing tasks for the next seven days, a list of all tasks, and separate lists for work, personal tasks, and so on.

For each task, you can set reminders, and you'll be notified on your browser or phone when they're due, depending on where you've installed Setting a due date is also quite detailed.

Integration with Google Calendar

Despite the pleasant list feature, lacks a built-in calendar, which means you can't look further than seven days ahead. The only workaround is to sync your Google Calendar to, which will autofill all your due dates.

While direct sync with Google Calendar may seem like a decent solution, it's not ideal. There are a few reasons why you may not want to use Google, such as the company’s track record for privacy, or if you want to keep the events on your Google Calendar separate from your work stuff in

Location-Based Reminders

One of the fascinating features that the Premium plan of offers is location-based reminders. These reminders, also referred to as "mobile location reminders," only work on the mobile app.

The Premium plan also allows you to add tags to tasks for easier sorting, set recurring tasks, and customize themes. Many of these options are included for free with Todoist, TickTick, and other Wunderlist alternatives, so it's worth considering whether the upgrade is worth it.

Overview of Features

  • Management Views: List, Kanban board (for Teams), Calendar (for Teams)

  • Management Features: Multiple project management, Dependency management, Native scrum management, Set user permissions, File storage, Time-tracking, Built-in integrations

  • Reporting features

  • General Features: Free plan, Free Trial (14 days for Teams), Web app, Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS

  • Support: Ticket-based support, Tutorials, Knowledgebase, Forum


Upgrading is relatively cheap: the Premium plan costs just under $36 per year. However, many of’s upgraded features are already in the free plans of most of its competitors, with the only exception being location-based reminders and WhatsApp integration — but still no calendar.


When it comes to the aspect of user-friendliness, the application certainly scores impressively high. Users can anticipate a seamless, smooth experience with this application, encountering almost no hiccups or interruptions.

Security & Privacy, a renowned productivity application, relies on the robust and reliable Amazon Web Services for its server needs. It also employs encryption methods to secure data while it's being transferred. Given these security measures, it's reasonable to infer that your data should be adequately protected and safe.

Customer Support

The customer support provided by is fairly satisfactory. While there is a noticeable lack of comprehensive on-screen tutorials, it's important to note that the simplicity of the app itself negates the necessity for such guides. After all, the user-friendly nature of this application makes it easy to navigate without the need for extensive instructions or tutorials.


Our overall assessment and impression of the application is predominantly positive. We find ourselves appreciating its straightforward, no-nonsense lists that are easy to comprehend and its overall user-friendly nature that makes it a breeze to use. However, it's not without its flaws. The absence of a built-in calendar feature and the restriction that prevents users from planning activities more than a week in advance are some of the notable drawbacks that we've identified.


  1. Is worth the upgrade?

  • It depends on individual user needs. The upgrade offers features like location-based reminders and WhatsApp integration but lacks a built-in calendar.

  1. Is safe to use?

  • Yes, appears to be safe with a solid privacy policy and stringent security measures.

  1. How user-friendly is

  • scores high on user-friendliness. It offers a smooth experience with almost no hiccups.

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of

  • has a user-friendly interface and is simple to use. However, it lacks a built-in calendar and has weak organizational features.

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