Boost Your Website's Performance with the Best AI SEO Tools

Aug 31, 2023

In the digitally-savvy world, optimizing your website for search engines is crucial. It's a key to rank higher, attract organic traffic, and ultimately increase your sales. However, SEO tasks like keyword research, content writing, and website optimization can be quite time-consuming.

Fortunately, with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can now automate these tasks to a great extent. So, let's explore the top AI SEO tools that can give your business a competitive edge.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding AI SEO Tools

  2. The Top Seven AI SEO Tools of 2023

    1. Alli AI

    2. Semrush

    3. Surfer SEO

    4. Frase

    5. Diib

    6. SE Ranking

    7. Can I Rank

  3. Deciding on the Best AI SEO Tool

  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding AI SEO Tools

AI SEO tools are software applications that use machine learning algorithms to automate various SEO tasks. These tools can monitor and analyze your website, providing valuable insights and suggestions for improvement.

With their lightning-fast speeds, AI SEO tools not only suggest relevant keywords but also highlight areas for optimization and perform a comprehensive site analysis. Regardless of whether you manage a single website or multiple sites, these tools can streamline your processes, helping you achieve better results in less time.

The Top Seven AI SEO Tools of 2023

After considering factors like cost justification, ease of use, and individual platform strengths and weaknesses, here's our list of the top seven AI SEO tools that can redefine your SEO strategy in 2023.

Alli AI

Alli AI SEO tool

The first tool that tops our list is Alli AI. It offers a plethora of features to simplify managing your site's SEO. With Alli AI, optimizing your on-page SEO can be done en masse by creating site-wide optimization rules, down to the single-page level, with a single click.

Key Features of Alli AI:

  • Site-wide on-page SEO

  • Live editor

  • Bulk-generate page titles, meta descriptions, and other content changes

Alli AI is Best For: Alli AI's impressive features come at a cost, which may be a deal-breaker for some. Their lowest plan starts at $249 a month, and the AI Engine adds $19 a month for optimized meta descriptions and page titles. The silver lining is a 10-day free trial to test it out.


Semrush AI SEO tool

Semrush is a big name in the field of SEO. It allows you to conduct keyword research, optimize on-page SEO, conduct a keyword gap analysis, help in local SEO, build links, and track keywords, among other features.

Key Features of Semrush:

  • Analyze competitor keywords

  • Link building strategies

  • Optimize on-page SEO

  • 76 AI SEO tools

Semrush is Best For: While Semrush is on the pricey side, it is one of the best SEO tools on the market. If you want to incorporate AI into your SEO strategy, Semrush has the chops to give you all the tools you need to rank higher.

Surfer SEO

Surfer AI SEO tool

Surfer SEO uses a natural language processing (NLP) model to help you optimize your on-page SEO. Also, it seamlessly integrates with WordPress and other CMS platforms, making optimizing your SEO content easy as you write it.

Key Features of Surfer SEO:

  • Blog content generator

  • Grow Flow

  • SEO content editor

  • Plagiarism checker

  • Integrates with WordPress, Jasper, and others

  • AI outline generator

Surfer SEO is Best For: Surfer SEO is a fantastic tool for optimizing on-page SEO, offering valuable suggestions for keywords and headings, amongst other metrics. However, it's worth noting that over-optimization may occur if you rely on Surfer alone. That being said, if you have experience with SEO and want to streamline the process, Surfer SEO is worth considering.



Frase is an AI content writing tool that uses the power of AI to help you create high-quality content in less time. It can help you identify keywords, optimize your current content, and give you a better chance at ranking higher in search engines.

Key Features of Frase:

  • AI content writer

  • Create AI outlines and briefs

  • Keyword research tools

  • Internal and external link suggestions

  • GSC Content Analytics

Frase is Best For: Frase is one of the best AI SEO tools that offer valuable insights to improve your content while aiding in creating new content and measuring your site’s performance. With its affordable price point, Frase is accessible to anyone looking to enhance their overall SEO strategy.



Diib offers a comprehensive suite of features to help you enhance your search engine rankings, explore growth opportunities, and gain insight into your competitors' strategies.

Key Features of Diib:

  • Alerts for SEO-related points to address first

  • Keyword research

  • Social analytics

  • Speed related data

  • Competitor analysis

Diib is Best For: If you want an affordable, feature-packed AI SEO tool, you should give Diib a try. With tons of insights, guided steps to increase your search engine rankings, and a simple interface, Diib is an excellent option for budget-conscious people who want to up their SEO game.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking AI SEO tool

SE Ranking packs a punch with many features that can boost your website’s organic traffic.

Key Features of SE Ranking:

  • Keyword tracker

  • On-page SEO checker

  • Custom white-label reporting

  • Create content clusters, then edit with AI

SE Ranking Best For: If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for generating content and keeping track of your site’s SEO performance, consider trying SE Ranking.

Can I Rank

Can I rank AI SEO tool

Can I Rank takes a unique approach to SEO. Instead of solely relying on its own data, Can I Rank gathers information from other SEO services, such as Ahrefs, and uses it to provide valuable insights, opportunities, and recommendations.

Key Features of Can I Rank:

  • Keyword research

  • Competitor analysis

  • Link building

  • SEO improvements through AI

Can I Rank is Best For: Can I Rank is an excellent solution for small business owners or freelancers. You’ll get a series of actionable steps that will have you ranking higher on search engines in no time.

Deciding on the Best AI SEO Tool

AI SEO tools can provide a great way to improve your website’s search engine rankings. Out of all the products on our list, Alli AI stands out as the most effective. Semrush is another great option.

Whether you need to quickly identify a missing alt tag, add a meta description, or edit a page title, Alli AI has you covered. With the help of Alli AI, you can quickly identify any issues with your website that may be holding you back from reaching its full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we wrap up, let’s answer some of your most common questions regarding AI SEO tools.

1. What is the best AI SEO tool?

Alli AI stands out as the best AI SEO tool for several reasons. Its site-wide on-page SEO feature allows users to make content changes throughout their website efficiently. The live editor is a game-changer, enabling direct front-end content editing. Alli's SEO automation process generates valuable suggestions to improve SEO and allows easy implementation with a click of a button.

2. What is the best free AI SEO tool?

Semrush is considered the best free AI SEO tool due to its wide range of features. With 76 AI SEO tools, including competitor keyword analysis, link-building strategies, and on-page SEO optimization, Semrush provides comprehensive support.

3. How can AI be used for SEO?

AI can be used in SEO to improve keyword research, content optimization, and competitive analysis. Semrush, a popular SEO tool, utilizes AI to provide insights into keyword trends, generate content ideas, optimize on-page elements, analyze backlinks, and offer recommendations for improving search rankings.

4. What is the future of AI in SEO?

The future of AI in SEO holds great potential. AI will continue to advance in analyzing large datasets, understanding user intent, and optimizing content. Machine learning algorithms will refine search engine ranking factors, voice search optimization will become crucial, and AI-powered chatbots will enhance user engagement and support in SEO strategies.

5. Is AI content bad for SEO?

No, AI-generated content itself is not inherently bad for SEO. It depends on the quality and relevance of the content. While AI can assist in content creation, you should ensure that the generated content is valuable, unique, and aligned with SEO best practices to maintain good search rankings and provide the best user experience.

6. Should I be using AI to write SEO content?

Using AI to write SEO content can be beneficial as it can assist in generating ideas, optimizing keyword usage, and improving content quality. However, human input is crucial to ensure the content's relevance, accuracy, and uniqueness. Combining AI assistance and human creativity can yield great SEO results.

7. What is the cheapest AI SEO tool?

Diib is the cheapest AI SEO tool, starting at $7.99 monthly. It provides alerts and prioritizes SEO-related tasks, conducts keyword research, offers social analytics, and provides speed-related data. With competitor analysis capabilities, Diib helps optimize website performance.

8. How can AI be used for affiliate marketing websites?

AI can be used for affiliate marketing websites in various ways. Alli AI, for example, can provide valuable insights on SEO optimization, content creation, and competitor analysis. It can help identify profitable keywords, generate content ideas, and provide data-driven recommendations to improve affiliate marketing strategies and drive targeted traffic to affiliate products or services.

9. What is the best AI SEO tool for blogging?

Surfer SEO stands out as the best AI SEO tool for blogging. It offers a blog content generator, SEO content editor, plagiarism checker, and AI outline generator. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with platforms like WordPress and Jasper. Surfer SEO's Grow Flow product provides valuable tips for improving site SEO, including keyword suggestions, internal linking opportunities, and article ideas tailored to industry-specific needs, ensuring enhanced blog performance and SEO rankings.

10. What kind of businesses can benefit from using AI tools for SEO?

Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from using AI tools for SEO. Whether it's an e-commerce store, a local service provider, or a content-driven website, AI tools can enhance keyword research, content optimization, competitive analysis, and performance tracking, enabling businesses to improve their online visibility and attract targeted organic traffic.

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