Embracing the 3D Trend: Free Illustration Sets to Enhance Your Web and App Design

Sep 26, 2023

In today's digital landscape, graphic design trends are continually evolving. Amongst the most striking trends that have gained significant traction are 3D illustrations. This visual style, used in user interface (UI) design, has been around for a while, but its popularity has soared with the advent of hyper-realistic 3D graphics that blur the line between the digital and the physical realm. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the best free 3D illustrations and icons you can leverage to infuse your own designs with a modern, trendy aesthetic. Let's dive in!

1. Saly: A Vibrant 3D Illustration Set from Figma

saly free d illustrations figma

Saly is a striking collection of free 3D illustrations designed by Alzea Arafat. Available for download from the Figma community, the Saly package currently consists of 45 high-quality illustrations, with constant updates adding more to the mix.

Download Saly here

2. Nikuu: 3D Characters for Web Projects and More

nikuu free d character illustrations

Nikuu, a free illustration pack by Paperpillar, provides 3D characters and objects that you can assemble to create 3D scenes for your web projects, apps, and beyond. The set includes three characters in five poses and 20 mix-and-match objects.

Download Nikuu here

3. BAM: A Colorful 3D Illustration Kit

bam free colorful d illustration kit

The BAM free 3D illustration kit from BAM Design agency offers a modern, colorful touch to your UI and presentations. The download includes 36 of the most-used 3D icons for various elements like the calendar, computer, cloud, mailbox, message, and many more.

Download BAM here

4. Shopingin: A 3D eCommerce Illustration Pack

Shopingin D ecommerce illustrations free

Shopingin is a free 3D shopping and eCommerce illustration pack designed by Raihan Athaya Fawwaz for the Sicle Team. The set includes over ten high-resolution shopping-related illustrations such as a card, shopping bag, and shopping cart in three camera angles.

Download Shopingin here

5. Bzzzt: Hyper-Realistic 3D Abstract Illustrations

bzzzt d abstract illustrations free

The Bzzzt collection, created by Lstore Graphics, features six free, beautiful, and hyper-realistic 3D abstract illustrations. These 4K high-quality 3D geometric compositions can be used in UI projects to make them more appealing and inspiring.

Download Bzzzt here

6. Handz: Diverse 3D Hand Gestures

3D Hands gestures illustrations

Handz is a CC0 licensed library of 3D illustrations of diverse hand gestures. With more than 320 combinations of hands in nine skin colors, three different sleeves, and 12 different gestures, this free version offers a rich array of options.

Download Handz here

7. 3D Design Elements: A Free Set of 3D Elements

free d design elements png

Creatwiz offers a free set of 3D elements in transparent PNG files that you can use to add 3D depth to your interface design. The set is free for both personal and commercial design.

Download 3D Design Elements here

8. Earthy Abstract 3D Shapes: A Set of Free 3D Shapes

free earthy abstract D shapes

This set of 50+ free, ready-to-use abstract 3D shapes is inspired by the earth and created by the Iconscout team. These abstract 3D shapes of stars, spheres, wireframes, and cuboids can be used to enhance your apps, websites, posters, social media graphics, and more.

Download Earthy Abstract 3D Shapes here

9. 3D Illustration Pack: A Free Open Source Library

free d illustration pack figma png

This free open-source 3D illustration pack library for web and mobile app designers by Nitish Khagwal offers 45 illustrations available in five color themes and five different angles.

Download 3D Illustration Pack here

10. Slam: Free 3D Tech Illustrations

slam free d tech illustrations

Slam is a set of free 3D technology-related illustrations designed and released by Craftwork. The set includes 16 3D colorful illustrations of virtual reality tools and everyday gadgets.

Download Slam here

11. Valentine's Day 3D Illustrations: A Set of Free Illustrations

valentines day d illustrations free

This highly-detailed 3D illustration set for Valentine's Day is designed by Igor Kozak for 10Clouds. The download includes 12 beautiful illustrations in a soft pink-lavender color scheme.

Download Valentine's Day 3D Illustrations here

12. 3dicons: An Open Source 3D Icon Library

dicons open source D icons free

3dicons by Vijay Verma offers beautifully crafted open-source 3D icons. The set includes 1440+ icons with 120 unique icons in three camera angles and four color styles.

Download 3dicons here

13. Business 3D Icons: A Free Pack of 3D Business Icons

business d icons free psd

This free set of 3D business icons designed by Egor Mironov includes 37 icons for various business-related elements like target, purse, plane, location pins, charts, and more.

Download Business 3D Icons here

14. Social Media 3D Icons: A Set of Free 3D Icons

free Social Media D icons

This set of 12 free 3D icons for social media is designed by Denis Krasavchikov. The icons are available in SVG, PNG and Figma formats.

Download Social Media 3D Icons here

15. 3D Bay: A Source for Free 3D Stock Images

d bay free d stock images

3D Bay offers high-quality royalty-free 3D illustrations that are free to download in PNG format. The 3D stock images are sorted into various collections and categories.

Goto 3D Bay

16. Icons8 3D Clipart Illustrations: A Collection of Free 3D Images

icons.com d illustrations free png

Icons8 has a collection of free 3D clipart images and illustrations in 45 different styles for graphic design, UI, social media, web and mobile.

Goto Icons8

17. Premium 3D Illustrations on Envato Elements

envato elements d illustrations

If the free 3D illustrations above do not meet your needs, consider checking out premium 3D illustrations available on Envato Elements. They offer a wide range of illustrations perfect for various projects.

Goto Envato Elements

Wrapping Up

3D illustrations add an exciting dimension to any design, be it for a website or an app interface. Have you incorporated 3D illustrations in your design projects? We'd love to hear about your experiences! If you know of more free-for-commercial-use 3D illustrations, feel free to share them with us and our readers in the comments section.

Also, if you found this collection of free 3D illustrations and icons useful, please share this article on your social media platforms. Thank you!

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