Level Up Your Phone with Aesthetic Lock Screen Ideas for iOS 16

Sep 5, 2023

Ever since Apple unveiled its iOS 16 update, the digital world has been abuzz with excitement. This update has transformed the way we can customize our iPhones, especially when it comes to the lock screen. From custom fonts to personalized widgets, the lock screen customization options are endless. This guide will inspire you with dozens of aesthetic lock screen ideas to give your iPhone a unique makeover.

Note: For more ways to customize your phone, check out these custom app icon packs. You can also learn how to add widgets to your lock screen in this detailed guide.

Table of Contents

  • Gradient & Aura Lock Screen

  • Anime-Themed Lock Screen

  • Travel & Wanderlust Lock Screen

  • Textured Wallpaper Lock Screen

  • Minimalist Lock Screen

  • iOS Lock Screen Slideshow with Photo Shuffle

  • Plant-Themed Lock Screen

  • Emoji Patterned Lock Screen

  • 3D Foreground Lock Screen with Depth Effect

  • Editorial Theme

  • Boho Theme Lock Screen

  • Quote Lock Screen

  • Fitness & Activity-Focused Lock Screen

  • Retro & Vintage Lock Screen

  • Y2K Aesthetic Lock Screen

  • Astrology & Horoscope Lock Screen

  • Landscapes & Nature Lock Screen

  • Dynamic Weather Lock Screen

  • Lock Screen with a Portrait or Loved One

  • Franchise Themed Lock Screen

  • Color Themed Lock Screen

  • Neon Themed Lock Screen

  • Holidays & Seasons Lock Screen

  • iOS 16 Lock Screen Widget Ideas

Gradient & Aura Lock Screen

Give your phone a modern and colorful revamp with a gradient theme. This theme combines the contemporary with the colorful, resulting in a clean and vibrant aesthetic. You can further enhance this theme by using Aura gradient wallpaper, inspired by our beloved Aura Clock Screensaver.

Anime-Themed Lock Screen

Anime has been a massive source of inspiration for home screen designs since iOS 14. Now, you can bring your favorite anime scenes to your lock screen and customize the font and colors to blend seamlessly into the scene.

Travel & Wanderlust Lock Screen

If you have wanderlust but can't travel, why not bring your favorite place to your phone? With iOS 16, you can set a wallpaper of your beloved location and even add a Clock app widget to display the city's local time.

Textured Wallpaper Lock Screen

Adding a textured background to your lock screen is a simple way to start designing your aesthetic lock screen. Whether you fancy a luxurious marble look or a mesmerizing iridescent design, a textured background can take your lock screen to the next level.

Minimalist Lock Screen

If you prefer simplicity, a minimalist lock screen might be for you. You can achieve this look by choosing a solid color or a tranquil image for your wallpaper. Then, add a contrasting color for the clock and widgets. To maintain the minimalist aesthetic, it's recommended to add no more than one widget.

iOS Lock Screen Slideshow with Photo Shuffle

iOS 16 introduces the new Photo Shuffle feature, allowing you to set up a slideshow for your lock screen. You can customize the shuffle frequency to determine how often you want to change the images.

Plant-Themed Lock Screen

If you have a green thumb, why not reflect that on your iPhone with a plant-themed lock screen? This theme offers a calming and therapeutic aesthetic for your phone.

Emoji Patterned Lock Screen

The new iOS update includes a fun feature - an emoji patterned wallpaper builder. You can create a playful and fun lock screen by choosing a combination of up to six emojis. iOS will then lay them out in a variety of pre-set patterns such as spirals or grids.

3D Foreground Lock Screen with Depth Effect

One of the most innovative features of the iOS 16 lock screen update is the Depth Effect. This feature uses AI algorithms to separate the subject from the image background, integrating the clock into your wallpaper image seamlessly.

Editorial Theme

Create a mini version of Vogue right on your lock screen by pairing a well-shot portrait with the serif font option. The new Depth Effect enhances the editorial theme, making it all the more appealing.

Boho Theme Lock Screen

If you love neutral, earthy tones, the Boho lock screen theme is for you. Simply switch up the font to the built-in serif option and match your wallpaper and clock/widget accent color to create a chic Boho lock screen.

Quote Lock Screen

What better way to personalize your lock screen than adding your favorite words to live by? Incorporating a quote wallpaper as the centerpiece of your lock screen design is a quick and easy way to make your phone truly yours.

Fitness & Activity-Focused Lock Screen

For those who are fitness enthusiasts, why not design a lock screen that motivates your fitness goals? If you have an Apple Watch, you can display your Activity rings front and center using the new ability to add Fitness app widgets to your lock screen.

Retro & Vintage Lock Screen

Bring the nostalgia of the past to your lock screen with a retro-inspired wallpaper image. Use the pre-set block serif font, pick a subdued color for your accents, and voila, you've got yourself a classic lock screen theme.

Y2K Aesthetic Lock Screen

Travel back to the 90s and early 00s with a Y2K-inspired lock screen. Grab an image from your favorite 90s cartoon or a VHS-inspired image, set your lock screen's font and colors to match the vibe, and you've created the perfect Y2K theme.

Astrology & Horoscope Lock Screen

If you're drawn to zodiac signs, star signs, and moon energy, this is the theme for you! Incorporate your zodiac sign and other astrology-related elements into your wallpaper and use the built-in moon events widget from the Weather app to complete the theme.

Landscapes & Nature Lock Screen

For nature lovers and outdoors enthusiasts, a nature-themed lock screen is the perfect fit. Choose a stunning image of a landscape and match the fonts and colors to the scene. You can also add weather widgets to your lock screen to prep for your next outdoor adventure.

Dynamic Weather Lock Screen

Apple's new weather lock screen theme is a favorite among users. This theme visualizes the current weather conditions in your area, providing full-screen weather animations and detailed weather widgets.

Lock Screen with a Portrait or Loved One

Personalize your phone by setting a portrait of a loved one or a cherished photo as your lock screen visual. Thanks to the new Depth Effect, the image will pop right out of your screen!

Franchise Themed Lock Screen

Show your love for your favorite video games, shows, or movies by creating a franchise-themed lock screen. Choose a wallpaper representing your favorite franchise, and match the font and color to complement the wallpaper.

Color Themed Lock Screen

A color-themed lock screen is a simple yet effective way to create a cohesive theme. Simply match your wallpaper with your custom text and widget colors to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Neon Themed Lock Screen

Give your iPhone a vibrant makeover with a neon theme. Customize your lock screen widget, font, and colors to a vibrant neon theme. To complete the look, add a dark, neon-themed background and use the built-in retro multiline font option.

Holidays & Seasons Lock Screen

Celebrate your favorite season or holiday with a themed lock screen. In addition to a themed wallpaper, incorporate matching fonts and colors. You can even add a widget from the Calendar app to remember important upcoming holidays.

iOS 16 Lock Screen Widget Ideas

Once you've chosen your lock screen theme and customized the font, colors, and wallpaper, you can add one or more of the available iOS 16 lock screen widgets to enhance your digital setup. Here are some lock screen widget ideas for you:

Top Widgets

Get the Widget Here


Get the Widget Here


Get the Widget Here

I am - Positive Affirmations

Get the Widget Here

Dark Noise

Get the Widget Here


Get the Widget Here

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the new iOS 16 update? The new iOS 16 update has introduced a plethora of customization options for iPhone users, especially for the lock screen. Users can now personalize their lock screen with custom fonts, colors, and widgets.

  2. Can I add widgets to my lock screen? Yes, with the new iOS 16 update, you can add widgets to your lock screen. You can choose from a variety of widgets, including Calendar, Weather, Fitness, and more.

  3. Can I set a slideshow for my lock screen? Yes, iOS 16 introduces the new Photo Shuffle feature, which allows you to set a slideshow for your lock screen. You can customize the shuffle frequency to determine how often the images change.

  4. What is the Depth Effect feature in iOS 16? The Depth Effect feature in iOS 16 uses AI algorithms to separate the subject from the image background, integrating the clock into your wallpaper image seamlessly. This feature gives a 3D effect to your lock screen.

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