Master Notion Templates for Teams: A Comprehensive Guide

Sep 30, 2023

When it comes to managing teams, organizing projects, or planning business strategies, Notion emerges as the go-to productivity app. Its versatility and customizable features make it a favorite among startups, entrepreneurs, and project managers. This article explores a variety of high-quality, free and paid Notion templates for teams, providing a comprehensive resource for making the most of your Notion experience.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding Notion Templates for Teams

  2. Benefits of Using Notion for Projects

  3. Notion Project Management Templates

  4. Notion Templates for Startups

  5. Personal Productivity Notion Templates

  6. Notion Templates for Team Collaboration

  7. Notion Templates for Managers

  8. Notion Templates for Students

  9. Customizing Your Notion Templates

  10. FAQs

Understanding Notion Templates for Teams

Notion templates are pre-designed, customizable layouts that help users structure their workspace, manage projects, track goals, and organize information effectively. When it comes to team management, Notion templates for teams enable seamless collaboration, effective communication, and efficient task management. They are an excellent tool for project managers, team leaders, and business owners who want to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity.

Benefits of Using Notion for Projects

Using Notion for projects ensures a structured and organized approach to task and team management. Here are a few key benefits of using Notion templates for projects:

  • Simplified Project Management: Notion templates offer a structured layout for managing tasks, assigning roles, and tracking progress, making project management less overwhelming.

  • Efficient Team Collaboration: With shared workspaces, team members can collaborate, share ideas, and update task statuses in real-time, fostering a productive work environment.

  • Customizable Workflows: Notion templates can be customized to suit the unique requirements of your project or team dynamics, offering flexibility and adaptability.

  • Enhanced Productivity: By streamlining tasks, tracking goals, and facilitating communication, Notion templates contribute to improved productivity and efficient project execution.

Notion Project Management Templates

Notion Project Management Templates

Whether you are a project manager or a business owner, Notion project management templates can simplify your workflow and enhance your productivity. Here are some trending Notion project management templates:



Notionway offers a minimalistic project management template, ideal for tracking project progress and managing tasks. Its key features include project and task boards, task filters, and options for task assignment.

Project Management Template

Project Management Template

This free Project Management template is perfect for managing various types of projects. It includes boards, tables, lists, and a document section for project planning and timelines.

Notion Templates for Startups

For startups seeking to scale quickly without the need for a massive tech stack, Notion provides versatile and customizable templates. Here are a few free Notion templates designed specifically for startups:

Startup in a Box

A screenshot of the startup in a box Notion template.

This comprehensive template covers everything a startup might require, from initial business ideas to managing company OKRs. Treat this kit as a guide rail to help you scale effectively.

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Funding OS Notion Template

A screenshot of the Funding OS free Notion template.

Managing funding initiatives can be stressful. But with this template, you can conveniently track your investor pipeline through multiple funding rounds, manage related tasks, and more.

Personal Productivity Notion Templates

Notion also offers a range of templates to enhance personal productivity. Here are a few useful ones:


A screenshot of a to-do template for Notion.

This template provides a simple Kanban board with "Next Up," "In Progress," and "Completed" columns, helping you organize your tasks efficiently.

Eisenhower Matrix

A screenshot of an Eisenhower matrix template for Notion.

If prioritizing tasks is a challenge, the Eisenhower matrix template can help. It uses two questions: "Is it urgent?" and "Is it important?" to help decide the priority of tasks.

Notion Templates for Team Collaboration

For smoother team collaboration, Notion offers a host of templates. Here are a few top picks:


A screenshot of the brainstorming notion template.

This template allows you to run asynchronous brainstorming sessions, keeping the entire process within Notion.

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Simple Agile Board

A screenshot of Unito's agile board template for Notion.

This template offers access to an Agile system your team will love, without leaving Notion.

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Editorial Calendar

A screenshot of the editorial calendar notion template.

Keep track of every piece of content your team is working on, from podcasts to blog posts, with this Notion template.

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Notion Templates for Managers

If you're a manager, these templates can assist you in every aspect of managing a team:

Team Home

A screenshot of a team home template for Notion.

This template serves as a central hub for team-related information, from FAQs to time-off tracking.

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Risk Report

A screenshot of Unito's Risk Report template for Notion.

This template allows you to track potential project risks, their impact, and whether they require stakeholder intervention.

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Time Tracker

This template provides a visual representation of how much time collaborators are investing in a specific project.

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  1. What are Notion templates? Notion templates are customizable layouts designed to help users organize their workspace, manage tasks, and structure their projects.

  2. Why should I use Notion for project management? Notion offers a structured and organized approach to project management, facilitates efficient team collaboration, and enhances productivity through customizable workflows.

  3. Are Notion templates free? Notion offers both free and paid templates. While free templates provide basic features, paid templates offer advanced functionalities and features.

In summary, Notion templates for teams provide a powerful solution for project management, team collaboration, and personal productivity. Whether you're a startup, a project manager, or a team leader, these templates can significantly enhance your workflow and productivity. So why wait? Explore these templates and transform your Notion experience today!

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