Microsoft's Foray into Personal Task Management: An In-Depth Look at Microsoft To Do

Nov 30, 2023

Microsoft, a leading name in the productivity and business markets, recently ventured into the task management realm with their app, Microsoft To Do

Despite not having a slew of successful mobile applications like Google and Apple, Microsoft's presence in the business world has allowed them to create a solid platform for launching mobile offerings. Microsoft To Do is one such offering.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Microsoft To Do

  2. Pros and Cons

  3. Test Setup

  4. Functionality

  5. Design and Aesthetics

  6. Reminders and Due Dates

  7. Wearables and Widgets

  8. Service Integrations

  9. Performance

  10. Conclusion

  11. Alternative Apps to Consider

  12. Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do offers a unique take on standard task management, aligning with Microsoft's current app design philosophies. Primarily aimed at business users, Microsoft now seeks to tap into the consumer demographic with this offering. This article will explore how Microsoft To Do performs as a task management app for those seeking to organize personal tasks, increase work efficiency, or both.

Pros and Cons

Microsoft To Do offers a comprehensive task management system with a range of features. However, as with any app, there are pros and cons.


  • Comprehensive task management

  • Convenient notification scheduling

  • Useful Apple Watch integration

  • Free of cost


  • Inconsistent design philosophy

  • Limited first-party integrations

  • Limited value of Smart Lists

Test Setup

This review focuses on the iOS version of Microsoft To Do, which is also available for Android and accessible via the web. All versions offer a similar interface, facilitating a smooth transition between platforms.


Microsoft To Do organizes tasks into groups, lists, and tasks. Groups house multiple lists with a shared purpose, while lists are collections of tasks around a theme. The app also includes pre-made "Smart Lists" that can't be added to groups.

Design and Aesthetics

Microsoft To Do's design is robust, although it can seem disjointed at times. For instance, the "My Day" feature uses a serene background image, seemingly out of place as it's the only image used throughout the app.

Reminders and Due Dates

Setting reminders and due dates in Microsoft To Do can be a bit cumbersome. While reminders and due dates can be set separately, the options presented are not as straightforward as simply selecting a date and time.

Wearables and Widgets

Microsoft To Do offers basic wearable functionality on iOS with Apple Watch notifications. Additionally, Microsoft provides a total of four Widgets for iOS users for easy access to their to-do lists.

Service Integrations

Microsoft To Do integrates with Microsoft's email service, Outlook, and their Planner solution. However, these integrations are quite basic and limited. While it's convenient to have these integrations within the app, users may find themselves wanting more advanced features and seamless integration with other third-party services.


While Microsoft To Do performs its intended task management functions well, the additional steps and features can make using the app less seamless than it could be. Some users may find that the app's performance is affected by the number of tasks and lists they have, leading to slower load times and occasional lag. Despite these performance issues, Microsoft To Do still provides a reliable platform for organizing tasks and increasing productivity.


In an attempt to cater to different demographics, Microsoft To Do may have spread itself too thin. While it offers a range of features, its overall design and usability could benefit from a more focused approach. With limited integrations and occasional performance issues, users may want to explore alternative task management apps that offer more advanced features and seamless integration with other services.

Alternative Apps to Consider

If Microsoft To Do doesn't quite hit the mark for you, consider these alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Microsoft To Do free? A: Yes, Microsoft To Do is completely free to use.

Q: Can I use Microsoft To Do on multiple platforms? A: Yes, Microsoft To Do is available on iOS, Android, and via the web.

Q: Does Microsoft To Do integrate with other Microsoft services? A: Yes, Microsoft To Do integrates with Microsoft's email service, Outlook, and their Planner solution. However, these integrations are quite basic and limited.

Q: Are there alternative apps to Microsoft To Do? A: Yes, there are several alternative task management apps to consider, such as Google Tasks, Todoist,, Remember the Milk, and TickTick.

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