The Ultimate Overview of 152 Remarkable AI Tools

Aug 30, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are transforming our daily lives and work environments. From chatbots to deep learning algorithms, AI is influencing every aspect of our existence. This comprehensive guide explores an impressive 152 AI tools that may be new to you. These tools encompass a broad spectrum of applications, including chatbots, precision agriculture, and medical imaging analysis.AI has evolved to a stage where it can help humans with repetitive tasks, reducing human error, and conserving operational costs and resources. This guide aims to throw light on some fascinating AI tools. While some AI video generators and copywriting tools may be familiar, there are numerous new ones to discover. For instance, AI now has the capacity to write code, create Excel formulas based on textual input, and generate lifelong AI companions akin to those in the film, Her. So, let's delve into these AI tools and make sure to bookmark the ones you'd like to try!

Table of Contents

  1. AI Video Generators and Editors

  2. AI Image and Art Generators and Editors

  3. AI Writing Tools and Text Generators

  4. AI Music Generators

  5. AI Face Generators

  6. AI Avatar Generators

  7. AI Painting and Drawing Tools

  8. AI Audio Generators

  9. AI Design Tools

  10. AI Business Tools

  11. FAQs

1. AI Video Generators and Editors

Video is the most popular medium today, but its creation can be a tedious process. Whether you are a content creator, professional editor, or beginner, producing a good video requires knowledge, skills, and the right equipment. Fortunately, there are now better ways to create video content using AI video editors or AI video generators. With AI, creating videos is faster and cheaper, allowing you to concentrate on creativity and storytelling rather than technicalities. There are numerous AI tools available to enhance existing videos or produce new ones based on your text input.

1.1 Synthesia

Synthesia, a leading company in AI video generation, offers a user-friendly online platform that lets you create videos with human presenters through simple text input. It offers over 125 AI avatars based on real actors, who can speak your words in over 120 languages.

AI Tools

1.2 Runway

Runway, an affordable program that requires no technical expertise, can help you enhance your existing footage by removing backgrounds, painting out objects, adding subtitles, and much more. You can create up to three projects for free, and the most popular plan is available for just $12 per editor per month.

1.3 Unscreen

Unscreen is a tool that automatically removes backgrounds from your videos. It analyzes your videos with AI, detecting even the smallest details, resulting in super-accurate outcomes. It's free to use with some limitations. If you need better quality results without a watermark, you can upgrade to a pricing plan that starts at $4.99 per video minute.

1.4 VREW

VREW uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate captions for your videos from speech. This innovative software eliminates the need for tedious manual transcription, saving you valuable time. Furthermore, you can conveniently edit the captions to ensure their accuracy. This software is available for download.

1.5 Descript

Descript is an AI video editor that provides a robust set of features to help you create professional-looking videos quickly. It offers a limited free plan.

1.6 Nova A.I.

Nova A.I. is a video categorization and organization tool. It simplifies the process of finding and categorizing videos by utilizing AI to detect and tag various elements such as faces, expressions, objects, activities, and even celebrities. This makes it an excellent tool for organizing video collections of all types.

1.7 Reface: Face Swap Videos

The Face Swap mobile application is a fun and user-friendly tool that allows you to exchange faces with friends or celebrities, or insert your own face into pre-made videos.

1.8 Topaz Video AI

If you have video footage that needs enhancing, consider using this $199.99 desktop app. It utilizes AI to effectively upscale, denoise, and restore (old) videos.

1.9 Make-a-Video

Make-a-Video is Meta's latest AI system that enables users to create videos by simply typing in text.

1.10 Aimages

If you want to enhance the quality of your videos without downloading new software, you should check out AImages.

1.11 D-ID

If you're interested in producing videos featuring speaking characters generated from text, you might want to take a look at D-ID's Creative Reality Studio.

AI Tools

2. AI Image and Art Generators and Editors

Not long ago, creating art was limited to a specific sector of people. However, with the help of generative AI, anyone can now create art by writing a text prompt and allowing the AI to generate the desired image. If you're ready to start creating, here's a list of the most notable text-to-image generators available right now:

2.1 DALL-E 2

One of the most well-known AI image generators is DALL-E 2 by OpenAI. This text-to-image system can produce realistic images and art based on written input.

2.2 Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a model that generates images from text descriptions and has the ability to modify existing images based on text prompts.

2.3 Midjourney

Another AI art generator that might interest you is Midjourney.

2.4 GauGAN

If you're interested in creating lifelike images, you should check out GauGAN.

2.5 The Next Rembrand

The Next Rembrandt is a project that aims to create a brand-new painting in the style of the famous Dutch painter.


Another free-to-use AI art generator is

2.7 This Beach Does Not Exist

This AI-generated art focuses on a common theme: beaches.

2.8 Imagen

The image generator AI is a product developed by Google.

2.9 Magic Eraser

With Magic Eraser, you can easily highlight the area you want to delete and download the edited image.

2.10 Let 's Enhance

If you need to resize or enhance an existing picture, Let's Enhance can help.

2.11 Playground AI

Playground AI is an online platform that provides a user-friendly way to create and share art.

2.12 DreamStudio

The Stable Diffusion image generation model provides an online app called DreamStudio.

2.13 Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is a platform that provides AI tools to assist humans in collaboratively creating art.

2.14 Artbreeder

Artbreeder utilizes AI to offer two distinct methods for creating art.


Create your artwork with ease, and bring your style to life with!

3. AI Writing Tools and Text Generators

Writing is a crucial component of modern work life, involving various types of texts like emails, reports, social media posts, and blogs. However, it can be time-consuming. AI writing can make this process faster and smoother. AI writing is not only capable of generating general texts but also adding specific tone, style, and creativity. Most AI text generators are based on GPT-3, the biggest machine learning model used for NLP.

3.1 ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a web-based chatbot developed by OpenAI that launched in November 2022.

3.2 Writer

Writer is a powerful AI writing tool designed specifically for businesses.

3.3 Notion AI

Notion has a certain appeal that resonates with users, however, they've recently added a remarkable feature: Notion AI.

3.4 TLDR This

Do you need to read a lengthy article but lack the time? No worries! You can use the AI writing tool TLDR to summarize any text quickly.

3.5 LyricStudio

If you're struggling with writing lyrics, LyricStudio can help.

3.6 Shortly

Have you ever experienced the frustration of staring at a blank page, feeling stuck and uncertain of how to proceed with your writing? Fear not, because Shortly can help.

3.7 INK

This AI tool combines an AI writer, an SEO optimizer, and a content planner.


The AI text generator offered by is an excellent tool for marketers who need to create various types of copy.

3.9 WordTune

If you're having trouble finding the right words, WordTune can assist you.

3.10 Jasper

Jasper is an online writing tool that uses AI to assist marketers who use GPT-3.

3.11 Frase

SEO professionals share a common goal: achieving high rankings in search engine results pages. Frase, an AI tool, shares this goal and helps users create optimized content for Google.

3.12 Sudowrite

Think of Sudowrite as your new writing companion. It can assist you in rephrasing your paragraphs in various styles and even aid in creative brainstorming.

3.13 Jenni

Jenni is an AI writing tool that assists in completing your writing based on the title and content you provide.

3.14 HyperWrite

HyperWrite is a tool that helps with quickly completing sentences and providing writing suggestions.

3.15 Rytr

Another AI text generator that uses GPT-3 is Rytr.

3.16 Copysmith

If you and your team want to save time on writing, consider using Copysmith.

3.17 Phrasee

Phrasee can assist you in rewriting or generating marketing copy that matches your brand's language.

3.18 Article Forge

Article Forge was developed to assist writers in generating long-form articles that exceed 1500 words.

3.19 NeuralText

NeuralText is a versatile tool that offers three main features: Paragraph Generator, Content Outline, and Product Description.

3.20 Writesonic

Creating videos with animated characters used to be a daunting task. Fortunately, tools like Writesonic are revolutionizing the process.

3.21 Scribbl

Are you still taking notes manually during your online meetings? Why not let AI take over? Scribbl, a transcription tool, can transcribe your Google Meets and save them to Google Docs.

3.22 Virtual Volunteer

You may already be familiar with text-to-image tools, but have you heard of this tool? This tool does the opposite, by "reading" images and translating them into text.

3.23 Futurenda

If you're looking for another productivity tool to manage your time, you might want to check out Futurenda.

3.24 Tripnotes

Looking for an app to help you organize your trips? Consider joining the waitlist for Tripnotes.

3.25 Cohesive

Promoting your business is crucial to its success. To spread the word, you'll need to generate a significant amount of content, which is where Cohesive comes in.

3.26 Reply

Have you thought about using AI to expand one of the most important parts of your business: sales? Reply is a sales platform powered by AI that simplifies outreach.

3.27 Lalaland

If you work in the fashion industry, Lalaland's AI tool can revolutionize the way you produce products.

3.28 Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing is a search engine that recently added AI-powered features.

3.29 Fingerprint for success

Fingerprint for success is a coaching app that uses conversational AI technology to offer free, real-time developmental coaching for both individuals and teams.

4. AI Music Generators

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing music accessibility, transforming the way it is created and giving aspiring musicians a chance to shine.

4.1 Jukebox

Jukebox is an artificial intelligence (AI) song generator developed by OpenAI.

4.2 AIVA

AIVA is an AI-powered music generator that creates background music for various purposes.

4.3 Supertone

Supertone is a Korean creative studio that utilizes AI to produce music, voices, and other sounds.

4.4 Boomy

Boomy is an online AI music generator that allows users to create original music within seconds and share it with others.

4.5 Loudly

Loudly's AI music generator is a high-quality text-to-video converter that easily transforms long-form text content into branded videos.

5. AI Face Generators

Do you require a portrait of a real person for your marketing materials, but are constrained by a tight budget? If yes, an AI face generator might be the perfect solution for you.

5.1 This Person Does Not Exist

AI has the ability to generate images of human faces that are virtually indistinguishable from real people. If you're skeptical, check out this random face generator.

5.2 Face Generator

While This Person Does Not Exist generates random faces, our face generator allows you to apply your own parameters. With our Face Generator, you can select skin color, emotions, hair, makeup, and more to generate the exact face you desire.

5.3 Fake People

Another AI face generator is called Fake People.

5.4 Face Swapper

With the rapid advancements in AI technology, there are numerous face swapping tools available today. Fortunately, Face Swapper distinguishes itself as the first tool to offer high resolution of up to 1024px, making it ideal for professional settings.

6. AI Avatar Generators

Interested in creating a customized AI avatar that looks just like you? There are various AI avatar generators available on the internet.

6.1 Ready Player me

Ready Player Me is an excellent AI-based platform for creating avatars to use in the metaverse.

6.2 Try it on

Are you looking to update your profile picture? That's great! However, arranging for a photographer, visiting a hairdresser, and selecting a location for the shoot can be quite time-consuming. Fortunately, there's a simpler solution available.

6.3 Avaturn

Avaturn is an AI tool that enables you to create an AI avatar from just a few selfies.

6.4 Inworld

Have you ever considered using an AI avatar generator that offers more than just customizing appearance? With Inworld, you have the ability to shape your avatar's personality by providing natural language prompts.

6.5 RemoteFace

Do you enjoy being on camera during video calls, or would you sometimes prefer to use an AI avatar instead? You can create one using RemoteFace, a virtual camera plugin that generates avatars based on your selfie.

6.6 Microsoft Mesh avatars

This feature is currently limited to those who are part of the Microsoft ecosystem, meaning that only users of Microsoft products will be able to take advantage of it. With the help of Microsoft Mesh avatars, users can create an animated representation of themselves that can be used for a variety of purposes.

6.7 Lensa

Lensa is a fantastic photo editing app that uses artificial intelligence to elevate your selfies to a whole new level.

6.8 Memoji

Memoji, an app developed by Apple, is a fun and versatile tool that allows users to create personalized avatars for messaging apps.

7. AI Painting and Drawing Tools

Improve your drawings and have fun with an AI drawing generator. It can help you complete your doodles, animate objects in your drawings, or generate entirely new sketches based on your text descriptions.

7.1 AutoDraw

AutoDraw is a powerful upgrade to the classic Paint program that we all know and love.

7.2 Sketch MetaDemoLab

Have you ever heard of an online tool called Sketch? It can animate your drawings, bringing your artwork or your children's artwork to life.

7.3 Magic sketchpad

Magic Sketchpad is an artificial intelligence tool designed to assist you in completing your artwork.

7.4 Quick, draw!

Are you looking to improve your drawing skills? Look no further than Quick, Draw!, an AI drawing experiment developed by Google.

7.5 Craiyon

Craiyon is an online tool that creates images based on text prompts.

8. AI Audio Generators

Are you looking to convert your text into speech without the hassle of recording it yourself? If so, AI voice generators might just be the solution for you.

8.1 Murf

Do you ever feel uncomfortable when you hear a recording of your own voice? Don't worry, it's a common experience. is an AI voice generator that can help.

8.2 Cleanvoice

Cleanvoice is an AI-powered tool that removes filler sounds, stuttering, and mouth noises from your podcasts or audio recordings.

8.3 FakeYou

If you're looking for a fun way to get creative with words, check out FakeYou.

8.4 TikTok

AI voice generators are versatile tools with practical and leisurely applications. TikTok is the only social media platform with a text-to-speech function.

8.5 Uberduck

Uberduck offers a wide selection of over 5000 expressive voices for your voiceover needs.


Are you looking to extract specific sounds from your audio or video files? Look no further than LALAL.AI.

9. AI Design Tools

The online world is highly visual, and basic design skills are becoming a necessity today. If you need to design visual materials quickly and efficiently, consider using an AI design tool.

9.1 Fontjoy

It's widely known that combining fonts can enhance the overall visual appeal of a design. Fortunately, you can now rely on an AI design tool powered by deep learning to assist you in pairing fonts. is a free and open-source tool that enables you to select the perfect combination of fonts without relying solely on your intuition.

9.2 Looka

If you're looking to create a logo and other branded materials but don't have design skills, Looka might be worth checking out.

9.3 Design Beast

The AI design platform, Design Beast, consolidates various design features in a single location.

9.4 Jitter

Jitter is a tool that allows you to create animated designs quickly and easily.


Learn to create designer-level presentations with ease using AI-powered tool


This AI design tool covers all visual aspects of content marketing.

9.7 Uizard

If you're a designer, you probably have a collection of screenshots featuring good pages and apps you admire. Uizard takes this one step further by allowing you to transform these screenshots into editable designs.

9.8 Tome

In the year 2023, creating a presentation can still take an excessive amount of time. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, you may want to explore Tome, a versatile AI tool for presentations.

10. AI Business Tools

If you are a small business owner, you most likely have to juggle multiple responsibilities, such as managing customer relations, handling administrative tasks, and overseeing various business processes. Excelling at these tasks requires strong time management skills and a diverse skill set.

10.1 Namelix

Coming up with a business idea may seem like a breeze, but naming your business is a whole different story. Fortunately, Namelix, a naming tool, can generate brand name suggestions for free.

10.2 Textio

In recent years, the job market has undergone significant changes, leading many businesses - both large and small - to struggle with attracting top talent.

10.3 Flatlogic

Are you considering developing your own web application? Look no further than Flatlogic.

10.4 Weblium

Are you planning to create a website for your business? Weblium can help you build one quickly and easily.

10.5 Zia

Imagine having a business assistant available 24/7 to help you gather data, understand important insights and advanced analytics, translate your emails, and more.

10.6 Excelformulabot

Introducing text-to-speech, text-to-image, and the newest member of the family: text-to-excel formula. With this productivity tool, you can save yourself the frustration of using complicated Excel formulas.


Looking to boost productivity? Check out!

10.8 Rewind

Using Rewind is a great way to keep track of your progress and stay on top of all the changes you have made. It allows you to easily review past versions of your work and quickly revert back to any previous version. Additionally, Rewind also helps you monitor the performance of your content, giving you valuable insights into what’s working and what’s not. By using AI-powered analytics, Rewind can provide real-time feedback on how your content is performing, allowing you to make necessary adjustments before it’s too late.

10.9 Tome

Are you looking for a tool to help you create professional presentations with ease and efficiency? If so, you may want to explore

Tome is an intuitive platform designed to help you create stunning presentations with just a few clicks. It offers a wide range of features, such as drag-and-drop editing, templates, and interactive media. Plus, Tome's AI-powered algorithms are designed to help you generate the most engaging content for your audience. With Tome's simple yet powerful tools, you can easily create professional presentations in no time!

10.10 Brandly

Are you looking for a tool to help you generate creative and unique brand names? Look no further than Brandly! This powerful online platform uses AI-powered algorithms to generate thousands of potential names for your business, product, or service. With Brandly, you can easily customize your search criteria and filter out any irrelevant results. Plus, with its intuitive user interface, you can quickly browse through the generated name suggestions and find the perfect fit for your brand. So why wait? Start generating brand name ideas with Brandly today!


AI video generating and editing software are becoming increasingly popular. AI video editing tools make it easy to create professional-looking videos with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Whether you need to create a video for your business or marketing, or you just need a simple introduction video for your YouTube channel, AI video generators can help you make it happen. These tools also have subtitle tools and integrated music playlists.

As AI video editing software continues to advance, it is becoming easier to create customized videos with a single click. Bring your videos to life with AI image and image editing tools. You can choose from a variety of filters and effects, and even combine two actions into one. These tools improve the overall quality of your videos and allow you to save them to your desktop or mobile device for later viewing. If you need a simple text editor for simple tasks like creating a Facebook post or email, AI text generators can help you do it quickly and easily. The AI text tool doesn't only generate text, it also organizes it into a list or paragraph to make it easier to read. This saves you time and effort. AI text editors are perfect for people who need to write daily, or who want to write automatically and save time. AI writing tools can also help you create an original piece of written content. You can use the voice and AI writing tools of these tools to write your blog posts, emails, or white papers. You can also use AI text generators to create short stories, novels, poems, or articles. AI stories can be crafted to match your brand or product, while the AI emails and white papers can be customized to your company or industry. Your AI avatar is an important representation of your business and personal identity. AI avatar tools can help you create an interactive virtual likeness of yourself and then later customize it. Now, you can even build an AI avatar with AI voice and body movements, making it feel and look more like a real person. You can use AI avatar tools for social media, conferences, and more, and you can even use them to handle customer service inquiries and other company-related tasks. When it comes to creating digital artwork, AI painting and drawing tools are the way to go. Unlike some other AI image editors, AI painting tools let users upload a photo as a canvas, choose from a variety of brushes and textures, and then simply paint. AI paint and drawing tools are even more powerful than other

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